Objectives of the project
The project focus on boosting Clusters competencies in management and services provided to associated SMEs, enabling them to increase international networking and reach excellence in management and Cross Border Cooperation.

The activity of clusters is vital for supporting international competitiveness of the European SMEs, through building of collaboration and sharing of added value.

The CLUSTEM project will be based on the results of European Cluster Excellency Initiative (ECEI), which aims at the improvement of the policy in the field on cluster management; a better management and organisation can address some of the key factors affecting competitiveness in textile and machinery clusters in Europe.
Project activities are specifically addressed at industrial textile and machinery clusters. Project results will be shared with companies within the clusters and will give the possibility to design new services for textile and machinery SMEs.

The specific objectives of the project are: reinforcement and improvement of the cluster management capacities of the partners, through benchmarking, training, study visits; establishment of a strategic collaboration between textile, especially advanced textile products, and machinery sectors, which is the main source of innovation for textile SMEs; transfer of knowledge and experiences developed in other clusters for the provision of high
quality services to SMEs, increasing the level of innovation capacity and introducing new creative-based ideas for the realisation of new products, facilitating internationalization of SMEs, better exploiting and diffusing Key Enabling Technologies, assisting SMEs in further addressing resource efficiency issues.