The partners involved have a direct interest in the implementation of the CLUSTEM project. Each partner has experience in cluster management and has strongly felt the need to improve their managerial skills and increase capability in innovation, management and knowledge.
The comparison exercise with labelled clusters will promote the individuation of best practices for the cluster management and for the industries involved. The beneficiaries of the project will transfer to the targeted industry, best practice and benefits facilitated by the cluster entity.

The Clustem Partners are:


Next Technology Tecnotessile Società Nazionale di Ricerca r.l. (Italy)

Contact persons:
Mr Enrico Venturini

Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) is a national research company established in 1972, according to the Italian Law N° 1089/68, establishing a special Fund for Applied Research.
Next Technology Tecnotessile capital is shared among circa 35 partners both public (ministery of University and Research) and private (textile, textile machinery and industrial software Italian Companies). NTT has a wide network of private industries, providing them with technological and advanced services, which today provides a reference point for research and technological innovation in the textile and textile machinery sector, with over 35 industrial members and around 200 companies and business organisations. Since 2011 NTT is the leading managing body of OTIR2020, a recently established cluster organisation, working in fashion key sectors of the Tuscan manufacturing economy. The principal aims are to provide operational support in the innovation process and technology transfer in favour of local companies, providing technical assistance and support for the development of new R&D based projects.


Huddersfield And District Textile Training Company Limited (Great Britain)

Contact person:
Mr Bill Macbeth
Ms Andrea Philipson

Huddersfield and District Textile Training Company Limited (HTTC) is a major conferencing, research and training facility based in Huddersfield, with approximately 100 members or associated members from the textile sector. HTTC offers a high standard of services to businesses and individuals, high quality training covering a range of skills and areas, access to innovative, leading edge technology for the textile sector, conferencing facilities, technical workshops for warping and weaving operations, laboratory research and product-testing and an information technology training suite.


Asociacion de Empresarios Textiles de la Region Valenciana (Spain)

Contact person:
Mr Felipe Carrasco

Asociacion de Empresarios Textiles de la Region Valenciana (ATEVAL) is a well-known Spanish Textile Business Association. Its headquarter is in Valencia.
It includes 450 textile SMEs, mostly specialized in advanced textiles, home textiles and clothing. ATEVAL aims at the internationalization of intersectoral R&D and Innovation, encouraging and accompanying textile companies, in order to increase their competitiveness by providing added value and differentiating their products. ATEVAL is very active in the promotion and support of SMEs towards to a more competitive business model based on advanced textiles and Smart Textiles.


Is ve Insaat Makineleri Kumelenme Dernegi (Turkey)

Contact person:
Ms Esma Akyuz

Work and Construction Machinery Cluster (WCM) is a Turkish association located in Ankara and has the following goals. For Competitiveness in the industrial region, deluxe but low-cost production, research of synergies with competitors and the retrievement of talents for the benefit of university-industry cooperation and follow up of the worldwide technologies production. Located in one of the largest and most important small and medium sized industrial production areas of Turkey, WCM combines “production flexibility” with the advantages of a large machinery park. WCM is active in the machinery sector and has associates of around 130 enterprises. WCM produces up-to-date and permanent solutions for the SMEs and assists them in the improvement of their competitiveness.